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Another Pharma Co. (APCo)

Another Pharma Co. (APCo) is an international alliance of industry experts and consultants, carefully teamed up together in order to serve the cannabis sector with consistent consultancy and know-how transfer for the detailed design of extraction and pharma production units.


As industrial alliance of industry experts

APCo’s mission is to help make distinctive, lasting, and substantial improvements and to build an alliance, first of its kind, in the cannabis sector that attracts, develops, and retains an exceptional group of people.

The availability of a field-specific knowledge hub is of such importance in this sector because of the constantly evolving legislations and mechanical developments regarding refinement methods for novel plant-based therapeutics.

Services provided

Creation of feasibility studies

Understanding the scope and value of new endeavors quickly and affordably is important for modern businesses. APCO offers professional evaluation.

Conceptual design, process diagrams and selection of units

The symbiosis between technology and scientific processes are vital to a successful output. APCO has an extensive network of production units that can be fitted to individual needs.

Engineering, GMP consultancy and management

Running new and complex processes of production according to regulations allows full focus on innovations. APCO has strong experience with the communication and collaboration with local authorities.

Technology transfer and quality assurance

Receiving and developing new technologies creates new thought leaders. We create lasting high end facilities with state-of-the-art structures that become a knowledge hub in the cannabis industry.


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