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Greenstein Refinery

Greenstein Refinery works on the optimization of existing synthesis of phytopharmaceuticals in the sense of production costs, bioavailability and potency.


Made in Germany   

Having a production and R&D lines within a pharmaceutical-grade facility, Greenstein Refinery creates opportunity to further explore and innovate phytopharmaceuticals. End products serve Greenstein entities, as well as third parties and extend Greenstein’s presence and network worldwide.

Proven experience

Refinery is accompanied by a team of GMP, science and technology experts have the capacity to produce phytopharmaceutical ingredients.

GMP Experts

Efficacy through experienced GMP experts with extensive knowledge about the regulatory framework

Science Experts

Deep understanding of the processes and science behind complex systems of production for pharmaceutical products

Technology Experts

Achieving state-of-the-art symbiosis among new systems of phytopharmaceutical production with innovative technology experts


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