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Greenstein Trading is focused on international trading of phytopharmaceuticals of all kinds and all related ancillary services such as contract management, payment solutions and insurance.  


Our international network provides a system of solutions for the industrial, cosmetics and health industry

Greenstein Trading has conceptualized a full-spectrum service model in bulk trading of phytopharmaceuticals. Greenstein’s service model provides attractive pricing and a high purchasing power through large volume supply contracts with our primary partners for bulk trade.

This service model encompasses tailor-made-solutions, logistics, facilitation of payment streams, quality assurance and quick response times.

Our Commodity Trading Model

The advantage of using the commodity trading model is the reduced risk throughout the supply chain, combined with the capabilities of Greenstein Group.

1 Cultivation

Our network enables access to worldwide growers to obtain the products that fit best to the inquiry. Greenstein Trading source products from qualified producers on a global scale, with a special focus on Europe.

2 Extraction

Sourcing biomass directly from producers and using the best processors in Germany and Switzerland allows Greenstein to have competitively priced distillates and isolates. By using our know-how we find diverse methods of extraction and refinement that serve best to our clients’ purpose.

3 Global Distribution

End products can be shipped to more than 140 countries worldwide within the reach of Greenstein with selected pharma logistics. Greenstein oversees an end-to-end logistics process as part of its service spectrum.

Our Products

Greenstein can provide the best possible quality of phytopharmaceuticals from an extensive network of producers and suppliers on a global scale. This allows for flexible offerings and individual solutions to your unique needs.



Crude Extracts


Formulated Extracts

Formulated Oils

We are always looking to extend our global network

If you wish to contact us, we kindly ask you to reach us via email and fill out the respective KYC form. This is a part of our onboarding process and will accelerate the lines of communication.


Service Offering

Greenstein Trading offers client-tailored services. If at any point clients specify the need for further assistance in finding the right product, we can offer additional expertise.


Legal & Compliance

Greenstein has the capability to consult its clients, where needed, to further enlarge is scope of services to provide legal and compliance services for trades in motion. Greenstein has developed a unique onboarding process to ensure that our network of suppliers as well as buyers is fully licensed, audited and can guarantee a consistent supply.


Product Availability & Service Quality

Greenstein has an extensive network to guarantee consistent supply of diverse products. Our team is comprised of industry experts that can offer tailor-made solutions.


Due Diligence & Quality Assurance

Greenstein’s rigorous onboarding process includes the auditing of each supplier and background check for its customers. Each product is tested at an independent laboratory before it is included in our portfolio.


Facilitating Payment Streams

Greenstein can design different models of payment to offer both supplier and customer transparency and security.


End to End Logistics

Greenstein offers competent logistic services by monitoring and optimizing the entire supply chain.


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